Designs for development

Brand story

71 bay was started out of love. For love. Love for a small country on the immense stretch of this earth. Bangladesh. For it’s people, their resilience and their voices. 71 bay combines my love for design and, of natural, sustainable materials, to partner with some amazing organizations who work to enable change, growth and security – all through traditional crafting and farming techniques, to bring unique, handmade home wares for all spaces, reflecting slow, conscious living.

Eco Criteria

“Touching the earth lightly” – Glenn Murcutt.
Jute is one of the most sustainable raw materials on earth, being biodegradable and with a very low carbon foot print, grown easily with simple farming techniques on remote lands of rural Bangladesh. Kanthas are re-purposed and re-cycled saree fabrics, meaning that the production of our kantha-wares involve the use of no new cloth dyes and there are no by-products in their making, thus making them zero-waste in production.

Environmental impact​

“Trade, not Aid” – WTFO.
Income-generating ventures through our designs enable our artisans to become agents for their own change. Preserving traditional crafts and techniques, ones that were passed on from generations before – and also presenting this to the international markets in a respectful manner, is an important aspect of our work.



Product Range

Our wares are thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted to create pieces that are a narrative of a life, of a time; with a story in each stitch and weave. And, one that we take great pride in.

Jute Works

Handcrafted from natural jute fibres, we integrate traditional motifs with contemporary design.

Our jute collection includes placemats, baskets, laundry hampers, bags, table & hall runners and rugs.

Braided and woven by the skilled hands of our artisans, it is all about the details. Each piece is unique and made especially for you - such is the pleasure of owning something handmade!


Kanthas are stitched by hand and sometimes braided & loomed over pegs and are symbolic of love, comfort, familiarity & protection in Bengal.


Our metals are sourced from local merchants in family owned small-businesses. Sheets of copper and brass are cut to shape using simple jewellery saws to make stunning Christmas ornaments.

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