“We are passionate about gardening, cooking,
pickling and soap making, and we just can’t wait to celebrate our harvest with you”



Brand story

The Church Farm is the family business of Andrew and Amanda who live in an old timber church in the small town of Billinudgel in Northern NSW with their two boys Banjo & Percy. The pair grow fresh produce for the farmers market and make a range of products using ingredients straight from their farm and other local farmers.

Eco Criteria

These products include their range of handmade botanical soaps which are made using solar infused plant oils, natural clays, essential oils
and dried botanicals. All of the soaps are free from palm oil, synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservative and are made using the cold processed method which ensures the gentlest type of soap bar, with each bar taking over 4 weeks to cure.

Environmental impact​

What started off as just a few bars of soap on a roadside stall has now blossomed into a full time business for Amanda and Andrew and Amanda attributes this to the increasing appeal of natural products.



Product Range

Handmade & Homegrown Soap made with solar infused plant-based oils. Enriched with natural clays, real botanicals and essential oils.

Lemon Myrtle with Macadamia Oil

The Lemon Myrtle bar is made using fresh Lemon Myrtle leaves from our farm, as well as local spray-free Macadamia Oil which is extremely nourishing for the skin.

Peppermint with Hemp Seed Oil

This uplifting peppermint bar contains Hemp Seed Oil, which is a great non-clogging oil that is packed with fatty acids and has anti- inflammatory benefits.

Eucalyptus with Australian Black Clay

Australian Black Clay has powerful cleansing properties and combined with the Australian native Eucalyptus leaves a unique fresh and clean aroma.

Calendula with Solar Infused Calendula Oil

This is our unscented bar, which is perfect for young children and people with very sensitive skin. Calendula is a powerful herb and is the number one go to for soothing the skin.

Lavender with Solar Infused Lavender Oil & Purple Clay

The Lavender bar combines the calming & soothing properties of lavender with the purifying effects of Brazilian purple clay.

Rose with Australian Pink Clay & Almond Oil

Australian Pink Clay is full of silica and trace minerals and is used to maintain an even textured skin. Sweet almond oil is also added for it’s super skin nourishing bene ts.

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