“Upcycling not only takes the pressure off the environment but provides a story to each piece. Eco Bling empowers people and repairs the earth”

Brand story

Eco Bling’s unique pieces are handmade locally in Noosa, QLD. They also work with communities in developing countries affected by natural disasters to strengthen their resilience and economic sustainability in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

Eco Criteria

Eco Bling creates Australian made accessories from upcycled materials and plants a tree in African food forests per piece sold. Their work has been seen continuously in nation wide media where they have been celebrated for planting over 20,000 trees and upcycling 2 tons of waste (and counting).

Environmental impact​

Eco Bling’s commitment to advocating environmentally friendly and sustainable eco fashion has seen them celebrated on international runways, including Eco Fashion Week (Seattle, Vancouver), Green Fashion Week (LA, Las Vegas) and Fash Fest. Eco Bling is a trailblazer in the eco fashion scene and their designs and concept shows you why.



Product Range

Everything is made from upcycled materials, once destined for land fill, and one tree is planted for every piece sold. Product Range from R.R.P. $39.95 to $199.99

Necklaces & Lariats

Our jewelery come in sets with matching earrings, bracelets and rings. We use many materials, including colourful recycled glass, steel from old kitchen sinks and all kinds of beautiful woods from broken furniture and construction waste. Each piece says what the piece once was too!


Eco Bling recycles oor boards, broken chairs, bottles, kitchen sinks and anything else into accessories, each piece tells a unique story.

Men’s Accessories: Cuff links, Bow Ties, Tie Clips & more

As you can see on our tags we tell the story of each piece by explaining what it once was. See the tag above. Our men’s range provides strong pieces for the modern man.

Rings & Bracelets

Our range of rings and bracelets come with matching earrings and necklaces. Perfect for selling as sets for an extra special someone.

Journal, Bags & Wallets

Our range of bags, wallets and journals made from Pinatex, a vegan leather alternative made from recycled pineapple leaves (a waste product of the industry) provides customers with practical and timeless pieces to compliment any outfit, day or night and best of all no pineapples were harmed.

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